We work on all types of radiators. This includes car, truck, motorcycle, and tractor radiators. After initial inspection of your radiator, depending on the condition of the radiator, it is cleaned, repaired and painted. If the condition is beyond repair we can replace it with a new one.
Any radiator made out of steel, copper or brass is placed in our hot tank where it is boiled in a solution to remove old paint and any residue that may be on it. This helps to insure that your radiator is clean while we work on it. When all holes have been repaired and radiator has been checked for leaks, it is repainted, unless you specify otherwise. Now it is ready for pick up.
We also work on many types of gas tanks. Tanks that are rusty or have holes can often be repaired. All metal tanks are coated with a special interior lining for long lasting performance.
If you have any metal parts that need to be cleaned, as long as we able to accomodate it in our hot tank, we will do it for you. Just email us or call to get more information.



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